[RS|MU] Witchblade | Eng Dub | x264 70 Mb HQ |

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[RS|MU] Witchblade | Eng Dub | x264 70 Mb HQ |

Post  Moobu on Sun Aug 02, 2009 6:49 pm

Episodes: 24

Aired: April 06, 2006

Genres: Action • Adventure • Drama • Ecchi • Sci-fi • Shounen

Duration: 24 min. per episode

Age Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)

Type: X264 MKV

Audio: English

Size: ~70 mb

In 22nd-Century Japan, Masane Amaha, one of the surviving catastrophe that destroyed Tokyo becomes the latest in an ancient line of women-only warriors to wield the mysterious sentient weapon known only throughout history as "the Witchblade". Protecting her little girl, she will face her worst fear ....

Episode 1: megaupload.com VNU9PQ5C
Episode 2: megaupload.com D1GWWFWK
Episode 3: megaupload.com IKLF1SDL
Episode 4: megaupload.com YMLWY64R
Episode 5: megaupload.com IYZWZCXU
Episode 6: megaupload.com P1G8XGQ2
Episode 7: Not available
Episode 8: megaupload.com GWLKDZIL
Episode 9: megaupload.com OW02TQXJ
Episode 10: megaupload.com RKVLN4Y0
Episode 11: megaupload.com Y16EFRIH
Episode 12: megaupload.com 4YHCXU61
Episode 13:Not available
Episode 14: megaupload.com V7GDBKJF
Episode 15: megaupload.com YBE5AF8J
Episode 16: megaupload.com 15A3SYZ7
Episode 17: megaupload.com 1L2RQCK0
Episode 18: megaupload.com 0J8REZUN
Episode 19: megaupload.com NBO5QZAA
Episode 20: megaupload.com D0DW43V0
Episode 21: megaupload.com JJSQCN9O
Episode 22: megaupload.com TFGWMC4H
Episode 23: megaupload.com 3ZKXQXAE
Episode 24: megaupload.com O7H5CTZZ

rapidshare.com Ep_1.mkv
rapidshare.com Ep_2.mkv
rapidshare.com Ep_3.mkv
rapidshare.com Ep_4.mkv
rapidshare.com Ep_5.mkv
rapidshare.com Ep_6.mkv
Not available
rapidshare.com Ep_8.mkv
rapidshare.com Ep_9.mkv
rapidshare.com Ep_10.mkv
rapidshare.com Ep_11.mkv
rapidshare.com Ep_12.mkv
Not available
rapidshare.com Ep_14.mkv
rapidshare.com Ep_15.mkv
rapidshare.com Ep_16.mkv
rapidshare.com Ep_17.mkv
rapidshare.com Ep_18.mkv
rapidshare.com Ep_19.mkv
rapidshare.com Ep_20.mkv
rapidshare.com Ep_21.mkv
rapidshare.com Ep_22.mkv
rapidshare.com Ep_23.mkv
rapidshare.com Ep_24.mkv

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