Bakuman (Chapter 1-35)

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Bakuman (Chapter 1-35)

Post  Seliger on Sun Aug 02, 2009 3:59 pm

It's not easy to become and live as a mangaka, Mashiro knows that from his late uncle. At his 9th grade, while trying to keep up with reality, school and then normal job, he left his notebook with a sketch of Azuki, a girl he likes. Takagi, a first rate student found it and trying to convince Mashiro to draw a manga with his story. Mashiro doesn't like the idea and tries to decline. Takagi, however, tries to stick to dream and found out that Azuki also wants to be a voice actress and already got a good reply from a production company. Takagi, then, brought Mashiro to her house and telling her his dream.... Mashiro then tells her that he will write a manga with Takagi and will ask Azuki to voice their anime. Out of confusion, Mashiro asks her if the dreams become reality, will she marry him? She says yes, only if their dreams become true, and not otherwise!! Now, lifes of wannabe mangakas begin!!!

Download: Bakuman_001.rar Bakuman_002.rar Bakuman_003.rar Bakuman_004.rar Bakuman_005.rar Bakuman_006.rar Bakuman_007.rar Bakuman_008.rar Bakuman_009.rar Bakuman_010.rar Bakuman_011.rar Bakuman_012.rar Bakuman_013.rar Bakuman_014.rar Bakuman_015.rar Bakuman_016.rar Bakuman_017.rar Bakuman_018.rar Bakuman_019.rar Bakuman_020.rar Bakuman_021.rar Bakuman_022.rar Bakuman_023.rar Bakuman_024.rar Bakuman_025.rar Bakuman_026.rar Bakuman_027.rar Bakuman_028.rar Bakuman_029.rar Bakuman_030.rar Bakuman_031.rar Bakuman_032.rar Bakuman_033.rar Bakuman_034.rar Bakuman_035.rar

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