Ichigo 100% (Volume 1-19 / Completed)

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Ichigo 100% (Volume 1-19 / Completed)

Post  Seliger on Sun Aug 02, 2009 3:41 pm

Manaka Junpei, one day goes to the roof of his school to get a beautiful view of his town. On the roof Junpei encounters a beautiful school girl who falls on top of him exposing her strawberry panties. The girl runs away before Junpei can find out her name. Junpei who aspires to become a filmaker thinks this encounter would be a perfect scene in a movie. So his search to find this girl begins with only one clue that she wears strawberry panties.

Categories: anime, comedy, ecchi, harem, romance, shounen
Author: Mizuki Kawashita

rapidshare.comrapidshare.com Ichigo_vol01_5BYanime_AW_5D.rar
rapidshare.comrapidshare.com Ichigo_vol02_5BYanime_AW_5D.rar
rapidshare.comrapidshare.com Ichigo_vol03_5BYanime_AW_5D.rar
rapidshare.comrapidshare.com Ichigo_vol04_5BYanime_AW_5D.rar
rapidshare.comrapidshare.com Ichigo_vol05_5BYanime_AW_5D.rar
rapidshare.comrapidshare.com Ichigo_vol06_5BYanime_AW_5D.rar
rapidshare.comrapidshare.com Ichigo_vol07_5BYanime_AW_5D.rar
rapidshare.comrapidshare.com Ichigo_vol08_5BYanime_AW_5D.rar
rapidshare.comrapidshare.com Ichigo_vol09_5BYanime_AW_5D.rar
rapidshare.comrapidshare.com Ichigo_vol10_5BYanime_AW_5D.rar
rapidshare.comrapidshare.com Ichigo_vol11_5BYanime_AW_5D.rar
rapidshare.comrapidshare.com Ichigo_vol12_5BYanime_AW_5D.rar
rapidshare.comrapidshare.com Ichigo_vol13_5BYanime_AW_5D.zip
rapidshare.comrapidshare.com Ichigo_vol14_5BYanime_5D.zip
rapidshare.comrapidshare.com Ichigo_vol15_5BYanime_5D.zip
rapidshare.comrapidshare.com Ichigo_vol16_5BYanime_5D.zip
rapidshare.comrapidshare.com Ichigo_vol17_5BYanime_5D.zip
rapidshare.comrapidshare.com Ichigo_vol18_5BYanime_5D.rar
rapidshare.comrapidshare.com Ichigo_vol19_5BYanime_5D.zip


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